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How can I apply for an EASA Part-147 approval?


In order to apply for an EASA Part 147 Approval, it is required to send an application EASA form 12 together with a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the organisation (translated in English where necessary).

The scope of approval applied for should be detailed as much as possible, and the number of staff to be declared in the application form should be limited to the staffs –included contractors- that will be actively involved into the Part 147 operations. The type and number of courses and the number of facilities should be mentioned on the application form.

Following the reception of the application form 12, an eligibility check will be carried out; the purpose of the eligibility check is to ensure that the scope of the application is relevant, but also that the certification process can be carried out in a reasonably timely manner, taking into account -in particular- the availability of EASA surveyors. Please also note that travelling arrangements are subject to a risk assessment and surveyors may not be allowed to travel to certain regions/ countries.

Once an application has been accepted, an estimate of the fees shall be provided to the applicant and upon acceptance the invoice related to the initial certification task shall be submitted. The contact details of the surveyor will be provided to the applicant and he is requested to contact the surveyor in order to organise the review of documents (MTOE, courses, exam questions…) as well as the schedule for the initial certification audit.

Download the User Guide regarding the certification process

For further questions regarding our fees and charges please consult the Fees & Charges Regulation (Commission Regulation (EC) 319/2014) which has entered into force on 01 April 2014 Commission Regulation (EU) No 319/2014. Please review especially table 10 of the Fees & Charges Regulation (Commission Regulation (EU) 319/2014). For further information visit our Fees & Charges FAQ's

This regulation is used to determine the applicable initial fees, and then the annual oversight fees. Please note that the fees are subject to an annual inflation rate and do not include the travel costs associated to on-site audits (flight & train tickets, accommodation and travel hours -which are charged on an hourly rate basis- etc...). These will be charged separately.

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