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If an assessors is assessed medically unfit, is he/she is allowed to perform or conduct assessments?


EASA acknowledges that assessors are only required to possess a valid medical certificate, when they exercise the privileges of the assessor endorsement as described in ATCO.C.045(b)(3) and (4), i.e. performing assessments leading to the issue, revalidation and renewal of unit endorsements.  He/she could still carry out assessments as in the cases specified in  ATCO.C.045 (b)(1), (2) and (5), i.e. assessment related to initial training and to the issue of OJTI/STDI and assessor endorsements (provided that he/she has the required experience).

Furthermore, in reference to the introductory part of Appendix 1 to Annex II ‘Format for licence - AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER LICENCE’, paragraph (b) that states "The licence shall be accompanied by a valid medical certificate, except when only STDI privileges are exercised", EASA acknowledges that it needs to be aligned, which privileges require the existence of a valid medical certificate and it will be addressed with EASA next Opinion to EC resulting from rulemaking activities on ‘Maintaining of ATCO IR/AMC/GM’.

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