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FAQ n.19407

For EU registered aircraft being non-EU products, does EASA automatically accept AMOCs approved by the State of Design authority?


  • If the State of Design (SoD) is the USA, Canada or Brazil: EASA has three separate ED Decisions where an AMOC approval held by the TC/STC holder of the product to which the AD applies is confirmed as automatically considered approved by EASA. Therefore, no further application to EASA is necessary for European registered aircraft.
  • For all other State of Design countries, or if the AMOC approval is not held by the TC / STC Holder of the product to which the AD applies: an AMOC application must be submitted to EASA using FO.CAP.00042. The prior issuance of an equivalent AMOC approval by the State of Design authority is recommended and likely to facilitate the EASA AMOC approval process.  Only after EASA approval could such an AMOC be applied to aircraft registered in EU Member States or associated countries (the latter as per Article 129 of the Basic Regulation).
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