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E.5 - Travel time


The time spent by an expert in the means of transport is charged at the hourly rate. In general, Standard number of travel hours per destination is used. The standard travel time is comprised of various components:

  • Travel time is counted from the time of departure from the normal place of work of the expert (or home, if he/she leaves directly from home) to his/her arrival at the destination. The destination shall be the place at which the certification task or service is to be performed.
  • No travel time shall be charged for any kind of transport delay, regardless of the cause.
  • No more than 12 hours travel time shall be charged to any calendar day. For the purpose of travel time calculation, a calendar day is calculated on the basis of the local time at destination. This means that if an expert leaves Chicago the evening of day N and lands in Cologne on day N+1 he / she would have been travelling over 2 calendar days.
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