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If a competent authority intends to approve other means of compliance than those adopted by the Agency or if it intends to develop its own means of compliance, is there any obligation on the competent authority to submit these means of compliance to EASA for approval?


There is no such obligation: except in cases where the EASA is itself the competent authority, the implementation of rules rests within the sole remit of Member States. However, within the fields covered by the Aircrew, Air Operations, Aerodromes and Air Traffic Controllers’ Licences Regulations there is an obligation to notify such AltMoCs to EASA. This requirement for notification will later on be included in the airworthiness regulations.
EASA will use the information received for the purpose of standardisation and for its rulemaking process. Certain AltMoC may be proposed to be adopted as EASA AMC, through the regular rulemaking process to ensure proper stakeholder consultation.

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