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Is EASA the only body entitled to issue AMC?


EASA is the only body that is entitled to issue AMC that may be used by all regulated persons and all competent authorities and that provide for a presumption of compliance with the rules. 
Competent authorities may issue further material as they find necessary to fulfil their task of implementing European law. In this case, however, these are named Alternative Means of Compliance (AltMoC), and they commit only the authority that issued or approved them.  This means that they cannot oblige regulated persons to apply AltMoC instead of EASA AMC; AltMoC do not affect the presumption of compliance with the rules of EASA AMC. It also means that other competent authorities are not required to follow or accept these AltMoCs. The Agency will monitor that competent authorities properly manage the process of issuing their own means of compliance through the EASA standardisation activity.

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