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How can I get a Part-66 licence valid in the EU by conversion?


Either you are the holder of:

  • a national licence [66.A.305] or an approved maintenance organisation authorisation [66.A.310], that was valid in the Member State before the entry into force of the EASA regulation introducing the relevant Part-66 categories (see entry into force of the amendments of the regulation), or
  • JAR-66 licence, which will automatically be re-issued as Part-66 licences as they are deemed to have been issued in accordance with Part-66. This does only apply to JAR-66 licence issued by the countries listed on the Mutual recognition page.

Please note that none of the bilateral agreements between the EU and third countries (at present US, Canada, Brazil and China and Japan) have the maintenance licences in their scope.

Furthermore, 66.A.70 allows conversion of qualifications valid in a Member State in very specific and limited cases.

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