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What is the Applications Gateway process?


In case of temporary capacity shortages on the side of EASA or EASA subcontracted National Aviation Authorities (NAA)/Qualified Entities (QE), the Agency reserves the right to delay the start of the technical work for certain applications.

The gateway process is introduced to ensure that affected applications are managed in a transparent, objective, and consistent manner.

The following types of applications may be affected if they require a high amount of and/or specific resources that are unavailable at the time of application:

  • New applications for Certification tasks and services or requests for registration of declarations
  • New applications for Organisation approvals or requests for registration of declarations

The process will not be applied for:

  • Ongoing projects (interruptions are possible at applicant request, refer to FAQ n. 21898)
  • Continuing Airworthiness activities for EASA approved and declared products
  • Oversight activities for EASA approved and declared organisations (including renewals)

Gateway steps

  • CRITERIA: Applications are selected for the gateway in case of high shortage of EASA/NAA/QE capacity, high project workload, long project duration, high project impact on other ongoing EASA activities
  • DURATION: A tentative gateway end date is communicated to the applicant following gateway selection
  • COSTS: No Fees and Charges are raised until the application is released from the gateway process. The applicable fees or charges shall be invoiced as effective on the date of release of the application from the gateway process.

RULES: The original application date remains the reference date for application (for project duration, Part 21 certification basis)

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