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FAQ n.136910

As an ATO/organisation operating FSTDs subject to Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 and having principal place of business outside the EU territory, am I allowed to provide either theoretical or practical training, in an FSTD or in an aircraft, to Russian citizens?


Approved training organisations and organisations operating FSTDs which have their principal place of business (PPoB) outside the EU are reminded that the privileges of their ATO approval or FSTD qualification certificate is to provide training, or to use the device for the purpose of obtaining a pilot licence, rating, or certificate in accordance with Regulations (EU) No 1178/2011. When receiving requests from Russian citizens, these organisations should first verify whether it would be possible for a Member State to issue licences to these applicants, after completion of the training, testing or checking. EU Member States have certain restrictions in terms of issuing licenses to Russian citizens.

Furthermore, these organisations are also reminded that their training sites or FSTDs located within the territory of the EU are fully subject to the restrictions of the Sanctions Regulations, hence they should apply the same principles as the organisations having their PPoB in the Member States. Therefore, please also consult the FAQs relevant to EU organisations.

Finally, as regards practical training, organisations should keep in mind that the Sanctions Regulations also apply onboard any aircraft under the jurisdiction of a Member State (e.g. registered in a Member State).

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