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How as an individual do I know what is valid?


While market surveillance authorities are responsible for ensuring that the drones placed on the Union market with a class identification label are compliant to Regulation (EU) 2019/945 (R945), you, as individual, should take the following measures to obtain reasonable confidence that the drone you intend to operate under the open category complies with R945:

  • buy the drone in a reliable shop or online market place (in particular, avoid buying a drone on-line directly from outside Europe, since it may not be compliant with EU legislations);
  • verify the presence of a valid class identification label as per R945: the logo must have the exact shape defined by the drawing below, where ‘X’ is replaced by the number of the class (e.g. ‘1’). Any other logo will not constitute a valid class identification label allowing the drone to be operated in the open category or under declaration.
  • verify the CE mark on the UAS and the presence of the EU declaration of conformity in the package;
  • verify that the declaration of conformity refers to R945 and bears the drone serial number.
  • verify that the drone provides the following:
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