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How as a manufacturer should I demonstrate compliance with the EU regulation?


Drones are subject to several Union harmonisation legislations (e.g. Radio equipment directive 2014/53/EU, Machinery directive 2006/42/EC). It is your responsibility to identify all applicable legislations and demonstrate compliance to those regulations using the procedures defined by each of them.

Drones bearing a class identification label are, in addition, subject to the Union harmonisation legislation set by Chapter II of Regulation (EU) 2019/945 (R945). You must demonstrate compliance of the drone with the requirements of R945 using one of the procedures defined by article 13 of R945. The following table defines the procedure available for each class of drone:

The EU-type examination and the conformity based on full quality assurance require the intervention of a Notified Body. The NANDO website provides the list of conformity assessment organisations notified under R945.

Once the conformity of the drone to all applicable legislations has been demonstrated, you should:

  • draws up an EU Declaration of conformity as per Part 11 or 12 of R945 referencing to the Regulation (EU) 2019/945 and the other applicable regulations
  • provides a copy of the declaration of EU conformity (or its simplified version) with the drone, this copy must bear the serial number of the drone 
  • affix the CE marking on the drone

These products are subject to the control of the national market surveillance authorities responsible for the different applicable legislations.

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