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Which are the 4 cases involving non-rechargeable lithium batteries (NRLBs) agreed by EASA to be classified as minor change under DOA privileges?


Direct minor classifications (4 Cases):

  1. Battery with Capacity up to 100Wh AND installed in the cabin in a fully enclosed area where the occupants can visually localize it in case of fumes or fire AND no oxygen lines/equipment, water, fuel or any other flammable substances in the same enclosure AND battery qualified at least to ETSO-C142b.
  2. Modifications involving the installation of a Lithium battery within an equipment with a capacity up to 5Wh AND ETSO 142b AND no other reasons to classify the change as Major.
  3. Relocation of equipment containing a battery with ETSO C142b authorisation and with no impact in the original Safety Assessment AND conditions of installation not worse than the original ones (in terms of separation to oxygen lines/equipment, water, fuel, other flammable substances, heat points).
  4. Project requesting exemptions to Special Condition as per Note 2 on Special Conditions’ final version published in EASA website on 7th April 2021 are limited to cosmetic changes.

NOTE: Changes expected to demonstrate substantial fire safety improvement as per Note 2 are considered as MAJOR.

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