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Can we ‘Sunday aeromodellers’ report/suggest changes to the Regulation? Who should we contact?


Sure! EASA has set up a webform to receive questions and comments from all involved stakeholders. However, it would be more effective if proposals are discussed at the level of the EU associations (such as the European Model Flying Union (EMFU)) so that a consolidated position is provided to EASA. We encourage model aircraft flyers to monitor the EASA website and subscribe to receive news since we constantly publish informative material.

We would love to hear — from you particularly — what we can do to clarify any aspects of the rules, e.g. more concrete articles, webinars, podcasts, explanatory leaflets, more translations, etc. There are a few EASA staff members too who are keen aeromodellers. They would also be more than happy to support.

Periodically we hold consultations with stakeholders leading to changes to the acceptable means of compliance (AMC) and guidance material (GM). These support aeromodellers in complying with the Regulation. However, it is worth pointing out that modifications to the regulations require a completely different and longer process.

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