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Typically a DTI has a threshold and interval, how should the operator establish that start time (to calculate the 1st due inspection) if an unrecorded Mod/repair was found during the survey, and not knowing the cycles/landing at Incorp of the Mod/repair? Is that covered by the Reg?


There is guidance on this in AMC 20-20A, for a repair that may have exceeded the threshold.  One can make the conservative assumption that repairs were implemented soon after the aeroplane went into service, however, the repair may have exceeded the formal threshold, so the AMC provides generically agreed grace periods. These periods, typically 12 – 24 months will be specified by the TCH in the REGs and were agreed some time ago and should be followed by operators unless a specific concern arises.  AMC 20-20A provides also guidance regarding the way to handle inspections for rotable parts.

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