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26.370(a) (ii): where an operator's fleet consists of a/c certificated after 2009 and therefore has no REG - there will be no "REG" survey compliance threshold for repairs. When does one therefore plan to review the DTI?


The TCH repairs and associated DTI for new aircraft types first certificated after January 11, 2008 may be assumed to be compliant with the applicable damage tolerant certification basis and therefore Part-26. A records review should normally be sufficient on such a new aircraft to identify if there are third party reinforcing repairs to FCS and establish if those repairs have been approved appropriately and provided with DTI where necessary. Ultimately, for such aircraft, and not withstanding Part-26, the need to ensure compliance with the applicable certification basis is a primary consideration and it is therefore recommended that the records review should be conducted and any missing DTI incorporated in the AMP as soon as possible. The allowances for evaluating repairs to older aircraft provided by the guidance of AMC 20-20A for development of the TCH REGs are not envisaged to be necessary or utilized for these newer aircraft.

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