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As an EU-based production organisation, how do I export civil aeronautical products to the UK?


As per the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the UK and the EU, in particular Sections E and F of Annex 30, the UK recognises the POAs issued by the EU competent authorities (EASA or National Aviation Authorities - NAA), as well as the export certificates issued by these organisations or by the Competent Authorities for the civil aeronautical products detailed below.

For civil aeronautical products intended to be exported from EU to UK the following forms (certificates) are to be used, referring to the EU competent authority POA if applicable:

  • For new aircraft: EASA Form 52;
  • For used aircraft: export certificate of airworthiness (issued by the competent authority of the State of Registry for the aircraft from which the aircraft is exported);
  • Other new products and parts: EASA Form 1.

Please note that these forms (certificates) are only used as airworthiness export certificates, which do not alleviate from any other custom/administrative export requirements applicable to the export of goods into the UK.

Further details are provided in the Technical Implementation Procedures, which can be found in the “downloads” section of the following page: https://www.easa.europa.eu/document-library/bilateral-agreements/eu-uk-trade-and-cooperation-agreement

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