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As an EU-based organisation, what airworthiness release certificate is acceptable from a UK-based production organisation for recertification of parts from “PROTOTYPE” to “NEW”, in case where the UK-based POA has previously issued an EASA Form 1 for “PROTOTYPE” part before the end of the transition period and the certification of the design takes place after the end of the transition period?


Any potential EASA Form 1 issued by a UK CAA POA holder on or after January 01, 2021 would have no legal value (“null and void”) as an authorized release certificate. Refer to question: As a UK-based production organisation holding a UK CAA POA, can I release parts with an EASA Form-1 on or after January 01, 2021?

In case the design is approved under an EASA DOA, the UK-based POA can issue a UK CAA Form 1 for “NEW” under the UK CAA POA approval. Additional clarification can be entered in block 12.

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