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Is it possible for a Part-145 approved organisation to issue an ‘EASA Form 1’ for a component removed ‘serviceable’ from a UK registered aircraft after December 31, 2020?


When the Part-145 aircraft maintenance organisation has the capability to control the airworthiness status of components, then §2.6.2 of AMC2 145.A.50(d) is applicable in such cases. In accordance with those provisions it is possible for a Part-145 approved aircraft maintenance organisation to remove a component from a UK registered aircraft provided that such a component is removed under a procedure concerning issuance of an ‘EASA Form1’ for components removed ‘serviceable’ from a non-EU registered aircraft, which is approved in the MOE of the organisation conducting the removal. Otherwise, the component must first undergo workshop maintenance by a Part-145 component maintenance organisation in accordance with the procedure described in §2.8 of AMC2 145.A.50(d) before receiving an ‘EASA Form 1’. 

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