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Are all remote pilots in the 'specific' category required to train to fly a drone?


For operation falling under the ‘specific’ category, the training depends on the operation you intend to conduct. So unless the operation falls into a standard scenario, after the risk assessment, you will need to propose a possible training course to the National Aviation Authority. The authority will, in each case, evaluate the adequacy of the training, and if they confirm it in the operational authorisation, the training will become the required training. 

If your operation falls into a standard scenario, the remote pilot must:

  • hold a certificate of remote pilot theoretical knowledge for operation under standard scenarios;
  • hold an accreditation of completion of the STS-01 practical skill training.

To do so, the remote pilot must complete and successfully pass an online training course.

Both the certificate and accreditation can be issued by a competent authority or an entity chosen to do so.

Regulatory reference: UAS.SPEC.050 (d) and UAS.SPEC.060 (b) of EU Regulation 2019/947

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