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What can be reported under Confidential Safety Reporting?


The EASA Confidential Safety Reporting system allows to report any suspected, presumed, or alleged violations of the European Union’s legal framework for civil aviation safety.
This includes acts or omissions that: 

  • are unlawful and relate to areas falling within the scope of competencies of the Agency; or 
  • defeat the object or the purpose of EU aviation rules acts falling within the scope of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139;

Please note that the following topics, among others, are not CSRs as they do not fall under the scope of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139, and that EASA therefore has no legal mandate or power to take any action in relation to:

  • Passenger rights complaints;
  • Economic disputes or unfair competition grievances;
  • Contractual or labour disputes; 
  • Issues that have been reported on in the media;
  • Criminal offences;

Matters concerning aircraft involved in military, customs, police, search and rescue, firefighting, border control, coastguard or similar activities or services unless the responsible Member State has decided to apply the common EU aviation legislation to such activities (for further information and list of opt-ins, please consult the EASA website).

Confidential Safety Reporting information should be:

  • Relevant and related to civil aviation safety;
  • Sufficiently specific, substantiated, and ideally supported by documentary evidence. Please note that unspecified or vague allegations cannot be followed up;
  • Complete and comprehensive; do not submit multiple reports as this will hinder the administrative process and the follow-up. Instead, please aim to capture all information in a single comprehensive report.
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