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What else do I need to know on the Annual Fee for holders of EASA European Technical Standard Order Authorisations?


After the issuance of the European Technical Standard Authorisation, EASA will levy per period of twelve (12) months an annual fee in accordance with Table 8 of Part I of the Annex to this Regulation, for the purpose of maintaining the certificate. The first 12-month period starts on 01 June following the date on which the certificate is issued.

By derogation from the flat fees set out in Table 8, the following shall apply: 
A. For holders of multiple EASA European Technical Standard Order Authorisations and/or multiple other Technical Standard Order Authorisations, a 25 % reduction to the annual fee is applied to the fourth and subsequent certificates subject to the same flat fee in the same fee category identified in Table 8
B. The hourly rate set out in Part II of the Annex, up to the level of the full fee for the relevant fee category shall be charged in the following cases:

  • a. which are out of production for more than 15 years, or 
  • b. of which less than 400 units have been produced worldwide, or 
  • c. of which 400 or more units have been produced worldwide, provided that certificate holder demonstrates that the part or non-installed equipment is installed in less than 50 aircraft in service.  

The criteria established in point B. shall be assessed by reference to the 1st of January of the year in which the respective billing cycle starts. 
Having regard to Table 8 and the derogations listed above, the period during which an invoice regarding a fee for continuing airworthiness activities may be retroactively adjusted is limited to one year after its issuance.
Minor changes to ETSOA are classified as ‘Administrative Change’ and ‘Technical Change’. An ‘Administrative Change’ will be charged one (1) working hour in accordance with Part II of the Annex. A ‘Technical Change’ will be charged in accordance with Table 4 of Part I of the Annex.
The amounts referred to in Part I and Part II of the Annex shall be indexed, with effect of 01 January each year, to the inflation rate in accordance with the method set out in Part IV of the Annex.

Please note that the above summary of the related provisions of the Fees & Charges regulation is provided for convenience only. If, at any time, there is a discrepancy, inconsistency or conflict between the information provided above and the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/2153, the latter shall prevail.

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