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Export Certificate of Airworthiness

Important information

23/02/2022: Information letter on change related to EASA Export Certificate of Airworthiness process

As per ICAO Annex 8, “Some Contracting States facilitate the transfer of aircraft onto the register of another State by the issue of an “Export Certificate of Airworthiness” or similarly titled document”.
ICAO Airworthiness Manual (Doc 9760) provides further guidance on the issuance of an “Export Certificate of Airworthiness”. 

The “Export Certificate of Airworthiness” template is transposed into the EASA system through the EASA Form 27. 
This template is used by EASA and NCAs (EU National Competent Authorities) for cases where the aircraft is to be exported to a State having a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (or similar) with the EU quoting the use of the EASA Form 27. 

In the latest update of ICAO Airworthiness Manual (Doc 9760), Fourth Edition, 2020, several modifications affect the Export Certificate of Airworthiness. 

These are taken into account in the latest revision of EASA Form 27.
The EASA Form 27 - Issue 05 is applicable as of 1st January 2022.
The EASA Form 27 - Issue 04 remains valid until 31st Dec 2022