SAFRAN Electronics & Defense Main Landing Gear Tyre Pressure Transducers

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

Airbus A310 and A320 models aeroplanes
Part name
SAFRAN Electronics & Defense Main Landing Gear Tyre Pressure Transducer
Part Number
P/N 4133801030
Serial Number
S/N 20195, 20196, 20197, 20198, 20199, 20200, 20201, 20202, 20203, 20204, 20208, 20218, 20224, 20225, 20226, 20229, 20230, 20234, 20235, 20236, 20237, 20238, 20239, 20240, 20241, 20242, 20243 and 20244.

Applicability: Known but not limited to Airbus models A310 and A320 aeroplanes

Description: DGAC France informed EASA that twenty-eight (28) zero-time SAFRAN Electronics & Defense Main Landing Gear Tyre Pressure Transducers, were identified as lost since August 2022, while being transported from the manufacturer site to a final assembly line in Germany. The reporting aviation authority has indicated that the possibility exists that the parts may be offered for sale on the open market. 

Recommendation: The parts listed above are to be considered unapproved and not eligible for installation on an aircraft. Owners, operators and maintenance organizations are encouraged to inspect their aircraft and inventories for the referenced part numbers and corresponding serial numbers. If any of these parts is found on board the aircraft or stored in the inventory, it is recommended to remove and quarantine it, to prevent its installation. It is also recommended to inform accordingly the competent authority and DGAC France, E-mail: cr-evenements.techniques [at] ()

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