Original Manufacturer Plate for Airbus A321 MSN 4173

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

Airbus model A321-231
Part name
Manufacturer Plate
Part Number
P/N NSA9117-70
Serial Number

On the 24 March 2023, the original Manufacturer Plate (P/N NSA9117-70) was found removed from the Airbus model A321-231, MSN 4173 aeroplane.

After coordination with the aircraft manufacturer - Airbus SAS - a new Manufacturer Plate (P/N NSA9117-70) was recreated for the aforementioned aeroplane. The new plate and the original plate can be differentiated by the stamp number affixed on it. The only valid and new plate for the Airbus model A321-231, MSN 4173 aeroplane shall exhibit the stamp number AI126.

The original aircraft plate (production dated 29 January 2010) is to be considered as unapproved parts, and not eligible for installation on any aircraft.

Owners, operators, and maintenance organizations are encouraged to inspect their aircraft and inventories for the referenced part.  

If this part is found affixed to an aircraft or stored in the inventory, it is recommended to remove and quarantine it, to prevent its installation.

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