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As reported in recent media articles, Kobe Steel Ltd, a Japanese metals producer, found that their workers have, possibly over a period of many years, fabricated the inspection data on certain parts and shipped those parts, possibly not meeting the customer's specification, to a wide range of companies manufacturing a wide range of products, parts and appliances, and components thereof.

The Japanese Authorities, including the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB), are investigating the matter in order to establish the scope and extent of the problem, regarding affected parts and customers impacted and the extent of any deviations from specifications. Several affected organisations have already been informed and have indicated they will evaluate the concern, following the normal procedures for ensuring continued airworthiness.

Since EASA SIB 2017-17 was issued, EASA was informed that Kobe Steel Ltd contacted the potentially affected customers and provides them with the necessary information. The technical investigation is still in progress and the partial results available to date allow to extend and clarify the recommendations provided by this SIB. This SIB is revised accordingly.

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