Germany’s LBA NfL No. 2023-2-721, Invalidated certificates from Sauer Flugmotorenbau GmbH

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

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EASA has been made aware of Germany’s LBA (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) NfL (Nachrichten für Luftfahrer) No. 2023-2-721, dated 20 February 2023, which indicate that some parts released to service by the company Sauer Flugmotorenbau GmbH are to be considered as unairworthy and treated as unapproved parts. 

Investigation from Germany’s LBA concluded that Airworthiness Release Certificates (EASA Form 1) issued by Sauer Flugmotorenbau GmbH, under:

  • Approval number DE.CA0.0098 from 20.04.2021 onwards and
  • Approval number DE.21.0018 from 04.01.2023 onwards are invalidated.

Parts released to service with the aforementioned EASA Form 1 certificates issued by Sauer Flugmotorenbau GmbH are to be considered as unapproved parts and not eligible for installation on an aircraft.

Owners, operators and maintenance organizations are encouraged to inspect their aircraft and inventories for the referenced parts.   

If any of these parts is found on board the aircraft or stored in the inventory, it is recommended to remove and quarantine it, to prevent its installation. It is also recommended to inform accordingly the Department T5 of the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, E-mail: T5-sup [at] (T5-sup[at]lba[dot]de).

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