Forged EASA Form 1

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

LET L410
Part name
Voltage Regulator
Part Number
LUN 2167.03-8
Serial Number

EASA has become aware of an unapproved part with a forged EASA Form 1.

An aircraft operator from the Russian Federation purchased the spare part from a supplier. A copy of the certificate was sent for verification to the part manufacturer. The part manufacturer has confirmed that the EASA Form 1 certificate of the subject spare part PN LUN 2167.03-8 and SN 522117 is forged, since its origin and authenticity cannot be determined.


Recommendation: Maintenance organisations, aircraft owners, operators, independent certifying staff, manufacturers, and parts suppliers are invited to make a determination of eligibility of this part for installation, before accepting such a part into their organisations or before fitting it to an aircraft.

If this part is found in stock, it is recommended that the part is quarantined to prevent installation until a determination can be made regarding its eligibility for installation.

It is also recommended to maintenance organisations, aircraft owners, and operators to check whether the unapproved part is already installed on in-service aircraft. If so, the part must be replaced with an approved one. The unapproved part shall be quarantined.

It is recommended that any new information, regarding the re-certification or scrapping of this part together with a copy of the relevant certificate, should be sent to the EASA at SDM [at] .

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