Forged EASA Form 1

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

Part name
Garmin GTN650
Part Number
Serial Number

UK CAA was made aware of a Suspected Unapproved Part case with a forged EASA Form 1.

The manufacturer was approached by a potential customer for confirmation that the part was genuine. The manufacturer identified that the EASA Form 1, which had been supplied to the potential purchaser, had an incorrect Part description, namely “GNT 650”, and a serial number that did not exist. In addition, it was noted that there were inconsistences in the type of font used on different boxes of the EASA Form 1 and that the person identified as the certifier was not known to the manufacturer.  

Specificities of the forged EASA Form 1:

•        Form Tracking Number: 17265

Recommendation and further information

Maintenance organisations, aircraft owners, operators, independent certifying staff, manufacturers, and parts suppliers are invited to make a determination of eligibility of this part for installation, before accepting such a part into their organisations or before  installing it on an aircraft.

If this part is found in stock, it is recommended that the part is quarantined to prevent installation until a determination can be made regarding its eligibility for installation.

It is also recommended for maintenance organisations, aircraft owners, and operators to check that unapproved parts are not already installed on in-service aircraft. If so, these parts should be replaced with approved parts. The unapproved parts should be quarantined.

Further information concerning this investigation may be obtained by contacting the UK CAA at Continued.Airworthiness [at]

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