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ATA 32 preproduction parts found in service

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

Part name
Wheel Assembly
Part Number
2615101 XA

During the wheel and brake overhaul of MSN XXX, a number of discrepancies were identified. The non-compliant findings are:

  • Pre-production Rotor Drive Keys (RDKs) found in-service (P/N 2615162 XA)
  • Modified pre-production wheel assemblies found in-service (P/N 2615101-3 XA)
  • Quality Escape RDKs found in-service

Issue: Pre-production parts (Rev XA) are not certified. In addition, differences between pre-production and production parts may lead to difference in braking performance.

2615101-1 parts result in a potentially unsafe condition (IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no evidence that any -1 Rev A or -1 Rev-XA wheels were delivered or found in-service).

Recommendation: Any pre-production RDKs (P/N 2615162 XA) and pre-production wheel assemblies (P/N 2615101-3 XA) should be removed from in-service aircraft.

List of affected parts :

  • 2615162 XA
  • 2615101 XA
  • 2615101-1 (Approved for Flight Test a/c only)
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