Air Cycle Machine

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

Boeing 737
Part name
Air Cycle Machine
Part Number
Serial Number

An EASA approved Part-145 maintenance organisation has informed EASA about a suspected unapproved part Air Cycle Machine with the P/N 2206400-2 and S/N 37-2689, that originated in China, claiming that the subject part had been overhauled by an EASA approved Part 145 maintenance organisation which had also issued the relevant documentation, in July 2018.

Further investigation revealed that the subject part was not repaired by the alleged EASA approved Part 145 maintenance organisation since no repair records of this unit’s serial number/release documentation appears in their system.

Therefore, it was concluded that the Authorized Release Certificates (EASA Form 1, FAA Form 8130-3 and CAAC ACC-038), the Component Repair Report and the Material Traceability Certification were forged.

The part is confirmed to be under quarantine and this SUP case investigation is considered closed at EASA side.


Recommendation: It is  recommended that any new information, regarding the re-certification or scrapping of this part together with a copy of the relevant certificate, should be sent to the EASA at IORS [at] .

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