Air Cycle Machine

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

Boeing 737
Part name
Air Cycle Machine
Part Number
Serial Number

The FAA and an EASA approved Part-145 maintenance organisation have informed EASA about a suspected unapproved part Air Cycle Machine with the P/N 2206400-2 and S/N 27-5439, that originated in China, claiming that the subject part had been overhauled by the EASA approved Part 145 maintenance organisation and issued the relevant documentation, in December 2017.

Further investigation revealed that the subject part was not repaired by the EASA approved Part 145 maintenance organisation since no repair records of this unit’s serial number/release documentation appears in their system.

Therefore, it was concluded that the Authorized Release Certificates (EASA Form 1, FAA Form 8130-3 and CAAC ACC-038), the Component Repair Report and the Material Traceability Certification were forged.


Recommendation: Maintenance organisations, aircraft owners, operators, independent certifying staff, manufacturers, and parts suppliers are invited to make a determination of eligibility of this part for installation, before accepting such a part into their organisations or before fitting it to an aircraft.

If this part is found in stock, it is recommended that the part is quarantined to prevent installation until a determination can be made regarding its eligibility for installation.

It is also recommended to maintenance organisations, aircraft owners, and operators to check whether the unapproved part is already installed on an in-service aircraft. If so, this part should be replaced with an approved parts. The unapproved parts should be quarantined.

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