2016-20160316004 BACB28AK07-465

Suspected Unapproved Parts Details

Part name
Boeing bushings
Part Number
Serial Number
116690-1 (batch)

Wesco Aircraft located in Valencia, California, caused the production of Boeing bushings, part number BACB28AK07-465 (Lot number 116690-1) and sold the articles to aerospace customers from September 2007 to the present. Wesco Aircraft and Fitz Aerospace (dba ESNA) are not FAA production approval holders.
Boeing did not authorize Wesco Aircraft to produce and direct ship bushings to aerospace customers under Boeing’s FAA production approval. Wesco Aircraft shipping documents identify Fitz Aerospace (dba ESNA) as the manufacturer. All subject bushings from Wesco Aircraft or ESNA (formerly Fitz) are considered unapproved.

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