European Information Sharing and Cooperation Platform on Conflict Zones

The ‘European Information Sharing and Cooperation Platform on Conflict Zones’ (hereafter called ‘The Platform’) is a voluntary, cooperative partnership for European aviation community with objective to share information on threats to civil aviation arising from zones of conflict or armed insurgency. 

The purpose of the Platform is to support to the existing EU Conflict Zone Alerting System and particularly the ‘Integrated EU Aviation Security Risk Assessment Group’ to improve the availability and swiftness of relevant information exchange.
The Platform has been designed to assist institutions and air operators to conduct their risk assessments in a timely manner and quickly implement appropriate mitigation measures to ensure safety and security of flight.

MembershipPlatform Membership Button

The Platform membership is limited to the following institutions and bodies, organisations or companies with an organisational unit in one of the EASA Member States: 

  1. European Union Institutions or Agencies acting in the area of aviation safety and security or home affairs;
  2. EASA Member States Civil Aviation Authorities and relevant governmental institutions; and
  3. Commercial Aviation Operators [AOC issued by EASA or EASA Member States].

Key principles of the PlatformAccess Button

To create a collaborative environment of trusted community and to support the aviation sector in strengthening their risk assessments capabilities, the following key principles have been considered of the European information sharing and cooperation mechanism: 

  • Complementary role: contribution to the existing EU Risk Assessment mechanism with the objective to provide timely information sharing capabilities for States and air carriers through the establishment of an operational information sharing tool. 
  • Capacity building: achieving a common understanding of threats resulting from conflict zones, notably by supporting the activity of the Integrated EU Aviation Security Risk Assessment Group. 
  • Membership based on enrolment process and open to eligible EU Institutions, EASA Member States, as well their national commercial air carriers. 
  • Protection of information by providing to the members technical means for sharing sensitive information. 
  • Non-profit basis: non-monetary contributions in working time or services provided by the Platform members should as sufficient to cover the Platform activities.