ToR RMT.0687

Regular update of CS-23

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) reorganised CS-23 ‘Certification Specifications for Normal-Category Aeroplanes’, by replacing it with objective requirements and by moving prescriptive and technical details to the related acceptable means of compliance (AMC)/guidance material (GM) to CS-23. This AMC/GM to CS-23 will be annexed to a decision and published as a separate document. While the objective requirements are expected to remain unchanged, the more detailed AMC/GM will require regular amendments in order to take arising safety issues into consideration, keep the pace with constantly evolving technologies, and introduce new methods for showing compliance.

Regular updates are issued when relevant data is available following an update of industry standards or feedback from certification activities or minor issues raised by stakeholders. Therefore, this rulemaking task (RMT) is initiated to provide for the frequent updates to the technically detailed AMC/GM to CS-23. If needed, under this RMT, amendments to the CS-23 objective requirements will also be proposed, to cover non-controversial issues. Depending on the need for consultation, either the standard or a special rulemaking procedure will be used.