2011-2014 Rulemaking Programme

The 4-year Rulemaking Programme 2011-2014 lists the tasks to be completed in 2011, the advance planning for 2012-2014 and the inventory task list. The programme was officially adopted by the ED Decision 2010/004/R of 27 July 2010 and supersedes earlier published RMP programmes. 
The Rulemaking Programme is built on the principle that the planning of the first year is a commitment and the planning for the following years might be subject to changes depending on changing priorities and availability of resources. Following this principle, the present 4-year Rulemaking Programme 2011-2014 commits the Agency to the rulemaking tasks planned for finalisation in 2011. The planning for the following years (2012-2014) is indicative and may be revised during the next planning cycle. 

Guidance about the format and how to navigate the 4-year Rulemaking Programme is provided in chapter "1.5 Format Overview" of the document Rulemaking Programme 2011-2014. It is advised to consult this part before starting reading the whole programme.