SAMPLE III SC.05 - Studying sAmpling and Measuring of aircraft ParticuLate Emissions III: Specific Contract 05

EASA.2010.FC10 - SC05

The main objective of the SAMPLE III framework contract is to contribute to the development of aircraft engine particulate matter certification requirements and standards.

During the last six years EASA funded the so called SAMPLE project that contributed to the development of a sampling and measurement method for non-volatile particulate matter at the exhaust of aircraft engines and helped to draft the corresponding AIR6241 that was issued in November 2013.

A first task of this specific contract was to collaborate to the writing of the ARP based on the AIR6241 and using the technical knowledge gained from the current and past studies. This ARP will be the basis for the drafting of technical requirements in ICAO Annex 16, Vol.II.

Secondly, measurements were carried out at the exhaust of Rolls-Royce aircraft engines simultaneously with the EASA and Rolls-Royce nvPM systems for comparison. The data obtained will be used to start to fill in the nvPM data base for the setting of future ICAO mass and number nvPM standards.