SAMPLE III SC.03 - Studying sAmpling and Measuring of aircraft ParticuLate Emissions III: Specific Contract 03

EASA.2010.FC10 - SC03

The main objective of the SAMPLE III framework contract is to contribute to the development of aircraft engine particulate matter certification requirements and standards.

During five years EASA with its SAMPLE project has supported the SAE E-31 PM subcommittee for the development of particulate matter measurement techniques. The corresponding AIR6241 was developed and eventually issued in November 2013.

The tasks under this study were to support the finalisation of AIR6241, to upgrade the EASA non-volatile particulate matter sampling and measurement system to make it AIR6241 compliant and to inter-compare it with the North American and Swiss compliant systems.

This test campaign gave confidence in the EASA nvPM system to be used as a mobile reference system. In addition the results helped to fill in technical gaps within SAE E-31 and supported decisions to be made within ICAO/CAEP.