SAMPLE III SC.02 - Studying, sAmpling and Measuring of aircraft ParticuLate Emissions III: Specific Contract 02

EASA.2010/FC10 SC.02

The objectives of this specific contract were:

  • to provide support to the SAE E-31 in drafting the Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) on the measurement of aircraft engine non-volatile particulate matter (nvPM) mass and number emissions; and
  • to improve the sampling system that was manufactured during SAMPLE III SC.01 according to the preliminary specifications of the draft ARP, to assess its operating parameters at the SR Technics engine testing facility in Zürich and to perform a comparison with the sampling line installed at this facility.

In order to deliver the aforementioned objectives numerous design, experimental and desk based studies were performed:

  • coordination of and contribution to SAE E-31 meetings and teleconferences;
  • manufacture of a sampling system to allow remote operation and monitoring and simultaneous sampling within SR Technics test cell; and
  • conduct numerous piggy back and dedicated engine test campaigns at SR Technics.