SAMPLE III SC.01 - Studying, sAmpling and Measuring of aircraft ParticuLate Emissions III: Specific Contract 01

EASA.2010/FC10 SC.01

The objective of this specific contract was to design and manufacture a sampling system for measurement of particulate matter at the exhaust of large-scale gas turbine aircraft engines in support of the development of a non-volatile particulate matter (PM) certification requirement. The purpose was to test the feasibility of using a defined sampling system to reinforce the robustness of PM emissions measurements.

In order to deliver the aforementioned objective it was necessary to perform various tasks. These included characterisation of Volatile Particle Removers (VPR) efficiency; design and manufacture of a defined sampling system able to measure PM mass and number; full-scale gas turbine engine non-certification testing and where possible the inclusion of certification engine testing; and an uncertainty analysis of the sampling system design.