Means of Compliance for mitigation means M2 Ref. AMC to article 11 of Regulation 2019/947

The document is addressed to UAS operators, UAS manufacturers, mitigation means manufacturers (typically but not only: parachute recovery systems). The document is made of:

  • Chapter 1: conceptual clarification of the nominal integrity target associated with medium robustness M2;
  • Chapter 2: General Means of Compliance for M2 medium robustness mitigation means. An applicant may use this chapter to define the technical approach for its project by proposing to the competent authority a specific MoC for M2 medium integrity;
  • Chapter 3: An initial set of example ways to apply the general MoC.

Chapter 2 is particularly addressed to organizations designing the UAS and/or the mitigation means, chapter 3 is focused on operators.