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Opinion No 02/2022

Update of Commission Regulation (EU) No 452/2014 (Third-Country Operator (TCO) Regulation)

The objective of the proposals in this Opinion is to foster a risk-based approach in the authorisation process of third-country operators and improve the efficiency of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as the authority being responsible for the implementation of the TCO Regulation. In addition, the proposals in this Opinion intend to clarify existing provisions, remove inconsistencies, and improve the coherence of the TCO Regulation with the EU Air Safety List. 

The proposed amendments are expected to mostly maintain the level of safety, with some expected to provide a positive impact. In terms of impacts on operators, the proposed changes are mostly neutral. The main benefit expected from the proposed changes is in terms of the cost-effectiveness of the TCO authorisation process, with a positive impact on EASA’s efficiency.