Opinion 03/2021

Management of information security risks

The objective of this Opinion is to efficiently contribute to the protection of the aviation system from information security risks, and to make it more resilient to information security events and incidents. To achieve this objective, this Opinion proposes the introduction of provisions for the identification and management of information security risks which could affect information and communication technology systems and data used for civil aviation purposes, detecting information security events, identifying those which are considered information security incidents, and responding to, and recovering from, those information security incidents to a level commensurate with their impact on aviation safety.

These provisions shall apply to competent authorities and organisations in all aviation domains (i.e. production and design organisations, air operators, maintenance organisations, continuing airworthiness management organisations (CAMOs), training organisations, aero-medical centres, operators of flight simulation training devices (FSTDs), air traffic management/air navigation services (ATM/ANS) providers, U-space service providers and single common information service providers, aerodrome operators and apron management service providers), shall include high-level, performance-based requirements, and shall be supported by acceptable means of compliance (AMC), guidance material (GM), and industry standards.

This Opinion proposes a new Implementing Regulation and a new Delegated Regulation (depending on the specific aviation domains covered) regarding information security management systems for organisations and competent authorities.

In addition, this Opinion proposes amendments to Commission Regulations (EU) No 748/2012, No 1321/2014, 2017/373, 2015/340, No 139/2014, No 1178/2011, No 965/2012 and 2021/664, in order to introduce requirements to comply with the proposed new Implementing and Delegated Regulations described above, and to add the elements necessary for the competent authorities to perform their certification and oversight activities.

For the purpose of this Opinion, ‘information security risk’ means the risk to organisational civil aviation operations, assets, individuals, and other organisations due to the potential of an information security event. Information security risks are associated with the potential that threats will exploit vulnerabilities of an information asset or group of information assets.