Opinion 01/2020

High-level regulatory framework for the U-space

The objective of this Opinion is to create and harmonise the necessary conditions for manned and unmanned aircraft to operate safely in the U-space airspace, to prevent collisions between aircraft and to mitigate the air and ground risks. Therefore, the U-space regulatory framework, supported by clear and simple rules, should permit safe aircraft operations in all areas and for all types of unmanned operations. 

This Opinion proposes an effective and enforceable regulatory framework to support and enable operational, technical and business developments, and provide fair access to all airspace users, so that the market can drive the delivery of the U-space services to cater for airspace users’ needs. 

This Opinion is, therefore, a first regulatory step to allow immediate implementation of the U-space after the entry into force of the Regulation and to let the unmanned aircraft systems and U-space technologies evolve.