NPA 2020-13

Regular update of CS-22

The objective of this Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) is to reflect the state of the art of the certification of sailplanes and powered sailplanes. To that end, this NPA proposes amendments to CS-22 following the selection of non-complex, non-controversial, mature subjects, and it also includes editorial corrections. The subjects have been selected in coordination with the Sailplane Development Panel (SDP).

In particular, this NPA proposes amendments for the following items:
Item 1: Addressing a safety recommendation related to the unintended opening of air brakes,
Item 2: Addressing a safety recommendation related to the operation of the cable release mechanism during launch,
Item 3: Removal of the obsolete 45° dive requirement for sailplanes approved for aerobatics,
Item 4: Additional information for winch launch tests, to address recent winch launch accidents,
Item 5: Structure requirements: State-of-the-art aerofoils and materials,
Item 6: Change of gust load factors,
Item 7: Changes to the content of the aircraft flight manual (AFM), and
Item 8: Editorial corrections.

The proposed changes are expected to increase safety and improve cost-effectiveness for sailplane and powered sailplane designers and users.