NPA 2019-12

Installation and maintenance of recorders – certification aspect

The objective of this NPA is to improve the availability and the quality of data recorded by flight recorders in order to better support safety investigations of accidents and incidents. 

This NPA proposes to enhance the certification specifications (CSs) and acceptable means of compliance (AMC) for the installation of flight recorders on board large aeroplanes and large rotorcraft, and addresses the following subjects:

  • Data link recording; 
  • The serviceability of flight recorders; and 
  • The quality of recording of cockpit voice recorders. 

The NPA also analyses the issue reported after some occurrences (on large aeroplanes) in which the end of the recording was missing from the flight data recorder data due to the loss of normal electrical power. It also considers the option of mandating an alternate power source as a solution. The conclusion recommends no regulatory change. 

The proposed changes to CS-25 and CS-29 are expected to increase safety (by addressing some safety recommendations, and overall contributing to facilitating investigations of accidents and incidents), to help operators to ensure the serviceability of recorders, to ease the certification process for recorders for EASA and design organisations, and thereby bring an economic benefit for these stakeholders.