NPA 2018-06

All-weather operations

The objective of rulemaking task (RMT).0379 is to modernise the European Union (EU) aviation regulatory framework applicable to all-weather operations (AWOs) so it ensures the highest level of safety while enabling efficiency gains based on the latest technological advancements. It addresses in a coordinated manner all relevant disciplines: initial airworthiness, air operations, flight crew licensing and aerodromes. It proposes a performance- and risk-based approach, as much as feasible, considering also the appropriate balance between performance-based and prescriptive principles (depending on the type of air operations (CAT, NCC, NCO, and SPO).

This NPA proposes to update the AWO-relevant rules in many aviation domains such as airworthiness (CS-AWO), air operations (Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012), aircrew (Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011) and aerodromes (Commission Regulation (EU) No 139/2014, including CS-ADR.DSN). The main aim has been to allow for a better integration of the regulatory requirements related to the operational use of new, advanced technology — either developed already or to be developed in the future — such as, for example, enhanced flight vision system (EFVS), as well as the application of some advanced new operational procedures, which may support AWOs.

Significant focus has been invested in developing resilient rules, which are not technology-dependent. A particular attention was paid to the development of requirements enabling the use of EFVS to the maximum extent possible (e.g. use of EFVS for landing). A new concept of ‘light operational credits’ for EFVS 200 operations, not requiring the use of specific low-visibility procedures (LVPs), has also been introduced.

The proposed changes are expected to maintain safety, reduce the regulatory burden, increase cost-effectiveness, improve harmonisation (e.g. with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)), and achieve as much as feasible alignment with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). NPA 2018-06 is divided in four parts. The present sub-NPA(A) includes:

  • the procedural information pertaining to the regulatory proposal;
  • the presentation of the issue under discussion;
  • the impact assessment as well as the hazard identification and risk assessment; and
  • the proposed actions to support implementation.

The other sub-NPAs are organised as follows:

  • sub-NPA(B) – initial airworthiness (CS-AWO); 
  • sub-NPA(C) – air operations and aircrew; and
  • sub-NPA(D) – aerodromes.