NPA 2017-02

Regular update of AMC-20: update of EASA AMC 20-115C and FAA AC 20-115C

Expiry date for comments: 28/04/2017

Extended date for comments: 29/04/2017 (midnight, CEDT)


This NPA proposes to amend the EASA AMC 20-115C and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) AC 20-115C in order to align these means of compliance, following the selection of non-complex, non-controversial and mature subjects. It is a joint proposal by EASA and the FAA to amend both AMC 20-115C and AC 20-115C.

The objective of the proposed amendments is to update AMC-20 in order to reflect the current state of the art. Overall, this update will significantly increase harmonisation with the FAA, will have no safety, social nor environmental impacts, and will provide for economic benefits by streamlining the certification process.