NPA 2016-10

Maintaining aerodromes rules - AMC/GM for Aerodromes - Amendment 2

This Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) addresses safety issues related to the prevention of runway incursions, runway surface evenness. It also proposes publication of information on the installation of aircraft arresting system

This NPA is linked with ICAO State Letter AN 4/1.2.26 – 16/19 adopting Amendment 13 to ICAO Annex 14, Volume I.

The specific objective of this proposed amendment is to mitigate the risk of runway incursions and maintain a high level of safety for aerodrome and flight operations.

This NPA gives the option for aerodrome operators to install autonomous runway incursion warning system as an additional measure to prevent runway incursions. Furthermore, it proposes the publication of information concerning the installation of an arresting system at the runway end, for overrunning aircraft, to mitigate the absence of a runway end safety area (RESA).

The proposed changes are expected to maintain safety and to ensure alignment with ICAO provisions.