NPA 2016-06 (C)

Fuel planning and management: Aeroplanes/helicopters - Part-NCC, Part-NCO & Part-SPO

This sub-Notice of Proposed Amendment (sub-NPA) addresses a proportionality and ‘level playing field’ issue related to fuel planning and management for non-commercial air operations.

The specific objective of this sub-NPA is to reduce the economic burden on operators and achieve harmonisation with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), where possible, without reducing the safety level in the context of fuel planning and management.

This sub-NPA proposes different measures for non-commercial air operators of complex motor-powered aircraft (Part-NCC), specialised operations (Part-SPO) and non-commercial air operators of other-than-complex motor-powered aircraft (Part-NCO). For Part-NCC and Part-SPO, the proposed amendments will improve alignment of Part-NCC and Part-SPO fuel planning requirements with the commercial air transport operations (Part-CAT) basic fuel scheme. For Part-NCO, the proposed amendments to fuel planning requirements reflect a performance- based approach in aviation regulation by replacing prescriptive rules with rules based on safety objectives, as well as with appropriate acceptable means of compliance (AMC)/guidance material (GM). For all, Part-NCC, Part-SPO and Part-NCO, in-flight fuel management requirements are aligned with ICAO Annex 6, Part II.

Note: Although ICAO Annex 6 is not applicable to aerial work (Part-SPO), for consistency reasons, it was decided that Part SPO will follow the Part-NCC approach.

The proposed changes are expected to reduce regulatory burden, increase cost-effectiveness, and improve harmonisation both with ICAO and the other Annexes to Regulation (EU) No 965/2012, while maintaining an adequate level of safety.

This sub-NPA is part of a set of three sub-NPAs as follows:

  • Sub-NPA 2016-06 (A): Aeroplanes — Annex I (Definitions), Part-ARO, Part-CAT
  • Sub-NPA 2016-06 (B): Helicopters — Annex I (Definitions), Part-CAT, Part-SPA, Part-NCC, Part-NCO & Part-SPO
  • Sub-NPA 2016-06 (C): Aeroplanes/helicopters — Part-NCC, Part-NCO &Part-SPO