NPA 2014-22

New training methods and new teaching technologies

During the recent years, the evolution of aircraft technologies has been accompanied by the development of new training methods and teaching technologies. However, Annex III (Part-66) and Annex IV (Part-147) to Regulation (EC) No 2042/2003 do not sufficiently reflect these developments. This has been brought to the Agency’s attention by industry associations and the Agency’s Advisory Bodies. The Agency finds it, indeed, appropriate to introduce new training methods and teaching technologies into Annexes III and IV to Regulation EC (No) 2042/2003 for the benefit of all stakeholders.

As described in the Terms of Reference for this task, the specific objective of this proposal is to:

  • evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of these new training methods and teaching technologies; and
  • amend Regulation (EC) No 2042/2003 accordingly.

This Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) takes into account safety, economic and social issues related to the introduction of the new training methods and teaching technologies into the basic knowledge and aircraft type training of maintenance certifying staff.

This NPA proposes a regulatory framework to ensure the legitimacy of the new training methods and teaching technologies in terms of location, facilities, training records and documentation/course notes, the use of Maintenance Simulation Training Devices (MSTD) for practical training and assessment, duration of training courses, examinations and qualification and training of the instructors.

The proposed changes are expected to fulfil Industry’s needs for efficient and cost-effective training of maintenance certifying staff, while maintaining or increasing the level of safety.